Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February, Summed Up

The final shots of February, more specifically, a summary of Valentine's Day.  I still have lots of photos from the rest of the month, but those will have to wait...

Valentine's Day gifts from my family
Cupcake supplies from my brother & sister-in-law
New sweater from the Mr. (via Zara)
I'm not a huge flower fan, but these were beautiful :)

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hearts From Head to Toe

Per usual, a little late & mostly non-relavant at this point.  Still, I decided to share because I'm currently in the last week of the second trimester & wishing my bump was only that size.  Valentine's Day was low-key this year, even more so than usual…standard for a Tuesday night with a toddler on a schedule.

Sweatshirt (Ily Couture)/ Pumps (Zara)/ Heart Shoe Clips (Etsy)/ All Else (F21)

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

This is 31

So I turned 31 a little under two months ago.  My 30th year was pretty epic & will be tough to beat. I'm about to be a mama to two little girls under the age of two…in like 3 months…I cannot wait to add another member to our family.  Here's a recap of my perfect, low-key bday...

I know, Uggs are ugly…but they are amazing, especially on prego feet!
My parents brought me up a bday cake, so sweet :)
New toque from my parents (Hudson's Bay via Lord & Taylor)
My only request was an early dinner out at Blackshop restaurant
Pretzel bun burger for the win
A new scent gifted from my Mother in Law (along with the new Dyson Slim vacuum…best ever!)
Birthday dessert…caramel pecan cheesecake
More gifts from the Mr. & furbabies (sweater: Nordstrom, arm warmers: Free people)
New ring (from myself to myself) via Free People

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Holiday Recap: Celebrating Christmas

It was a very special Christmas in our house… it was Zoey's first, my parents were here, we are blessed with another little one on the way, & we got to celebrate with both sides of the family under one roof.  I tackled my Aunt's famous cinnamon rolls & while they aren't as good as hers, I got pretty close.  I've been absent for a few months again, but there's good reason I promise. A few scares with baby #2, a new role at work, & trying to get as many hours as possible to make mat leave again has made blogging the least of my concerns.  I'm going to try because I really miss it & all of you...

Christmas Eve outfit (Zara, forever 21, Ebay heels) 
Christmas Eve table setting 
Zoey's first Christmas
Holiday pi's in full rotation...
Aunt Barb's famous cinnamon rolls :)
Christmas Eve prezzies
So many presents…and a sleepy Duncan
Zoey was soooo spoiled by everyone & really loved her new baby
My parents brought treats from my hometown (and fav) bakery
Annual monogram ornament from Anthro

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