Thursday, June 11, 2020

April 2020 Recap (Part 3)

The last piece of April.  More craft/storytime combos, plus the Mr.'s birthday at home (with so many visitors, it was great). We rented Trolls World Tour for the girls & watched it about 12 times in 48 hours, with DIY kiddie combos on the couch. We celebrated Earth Day with a special craft & homemade chocolate pudding.  I've actually enjoyed trying to make due with everything we have in the house, it's been a new kind of challenge in itself. Next week, it's back to actual outfits & fashion-related content...

Coffee filter rainbows, such a fun little project!
Happy Birthday Dada!
Birthday beers outside, with our little mover contained in his coup car :)
We were out front having social distance drinks/visits with family & friends almost all afternoon (perfect outfit for it).
Homemade kiddie combos, using tupperware & our football season supplies :)
Happy Earth Day! The girls painted their own hearts so well!
Homemade chocolate pudding cups ('bears at the beach').

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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ahoy Matey! Bo is ONE!

And just like that, our last baby is ONE! This was the hardest & best day, all at once.  It was hard not having a house full of family for our last baby to celebrate the last first birthday party.  It was hard to do an entire party all by myself, on a Wednesday afternoon.  It was hard because he deserves the world & we couldn't make it happen.  I know everyone that's experienced a birthday through all of this feels the same, especially with children. 

We made the very best of his first birthday, starting with our traditional streamer wall on his bedroom door. It was extra special because his big sisters helped me make it the night before, they loved being able to help! I managed to get the cake done early in the morning & stored in the cold garage, decorated while it baked, & did our storytime/craft before lunch time.  I even squeezed in a run during nap time.  The entire day just passed so smoothly, which I am incredibly grateful for.  I truly enjoyed the entire day, especially watching him tackle his chocolate cake!

DIY background banner (supplies from Michael's).
Party supplies ordered from Amazon & Walmart that fit the theme perfectly!
We did a storytime/craft combo to make his day extra memorable.
I whipped up a double layer chocolate cake & it was quite plain, but I loved it!
I didn't have a treasure chest unfortunately, so I used a seashell bowl from when Zoey was born instead.
Old beads from Zoey's gender reveal party, ring pops, & gold coins served as treasure :)
Our DIY treasure-map globe fit in perfectly as a centerpiece during dinner.
Chips Ahoy cookies were for the kiddos to snack on while dinner was cooking :)
I still made take-home cups, just for fun because we already had everything & the girls LOVE them (cups via Party City).
I dug deep into the party jar was from my best friend's baby shower :)
Shell Stacking bowls were from our wedding reception & worked perfectly for this easy, kid-friendly menu :)
The girls were obsessed with their parrot food appetizers (crackers, cheese, & carrots).
Our first baby to actually like the cake :)
The perfect stay-at-home pirate party outfit! Also, the first time I'd worn real clothes in a month!
Blouse via J.Crew, Earrings via Amazon.
Special presents from Gramma & Papa in Iowa!
Presents from his big sisters :)
His first pair of sneakers/shoes/Nike's, all in one :)

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Photo Friday: April 2020 Recap (Part 2)

April continued.  This installment takes us through Easter long weekend & ends just before Bo's first birthday.  The first 5 months of the year are big for us, as 4 out of 5 of us have birthdays.  Toss in a few holidays & it gets a little busy for this mama (planning-wise).  We made the very most of everything during these past few months & I tried so hard to make sure the kids had a great Easter (they totally did & didn't miss a beat). 

Easter goodies from gramma & papa!
Easter storytime/craft morning :)
Found an old tie-dye kit in the back of the craft drawer, like seven years old!
We had enough for three shirts & sent the rest across the street to the neighbours for some more fun :)
Bunny stamper craft & book combo :)
Dug deep in the party supplies since Easter decor was tough to find at the grocery stores!
Carrot cake cupcakes with sprinkles for kiddos & walnuts for the adults :)
Dada helped dye eggs this year, the girls were so excited!
I love letting them just do whatever, they have the best time mixing all the colours!
Special delivery for mama (via Urban Outfitters).
Easter Sunday smores/fire with the fam :)
Easter morning spread (Sadie's basket).
Bo's first Easter basket...we didn't bother with one last year since he wasn't even a week old.
Zoey's basket. I found three colored plastic baskets at the Dollar store last year & they're perfect for Easter!
The Mr.'s basket: beer, snacks, products, & giftcards to grab something he 'wants' :)
Mama's basket: wine, products, a floral dress, & a new bag. I usually pick a color scheme & stick to it!
Could not resist these sequin ears for the girls (via Shoppers Drug Mart).
Easter morning egg hunt, indoors again due to rain :(
My mom sent Bo an Easter dino tee & we used it in his pictures :)
Hello, black beauty (via Shein).
Flowers for storytime/craft...the girls really LOVE painting their feet :)
Kept the flower theme going through lunch....first take at Rice Krispy Treats & they turned out well :)
Bo's first streamer wall was extra special, his big sisters helped me make it :)

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