Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. . . .

In the past, I have made endless bad decisions when it comes to shopping.  Not only does this leave me with "buyer's remorse," but it also leaves me with items that remain left unworn in my closet for way too long.  Several years ago, I learned that settling isn't worth it...if you want something bad enough, make it happen.  If you like a trend, wait awhile, see if it lasts or is worth the money.  Because I decided not to settle for a mediocre leopard print purse, I found the perfect one :)  Where do you ask? On Ebay, of course! I included some additional inspiration on these trends. Plans today? I'm stuck at work until later this afternoon, then a trip to the gym, & dinner with friends :)

Brand New, with tags, Topshop leopard-print Box Bag :)
I have also been waiting on the whole 'Shearling Boot' thing  & 'Sequin Skirt' idea as well, mostly because of their price point (pretty hefty on the pocketbook).  However, after several days of searching on Ebay repeatedly (ok, I stalked the site), I found these incredibly affordable lace-up boots & sequin skirt...perfection :) 

Military Shearling-cuff Ankle Boots
Primark Gold Sequin Skirt
Some more inspiration for all of you :)
goolgle images
Alexander McQueen Buckled Leather Shearling Boots
Burberry Prorsum Shearling Boots
River Island Shearling Boots
google images

google images

Happy Saturday Lovelies!
XoXo-Kelli K


  1. Ahhh im just in love with those A McQueen Boots!!! I want those rip offs from River Island because they look great!! I saw a cheap pair in New Look that looks just like them,and they were only 45€ i think:)

  2. Love the first bag you posted! I want one too!!! :)


  3. i loved the sequin skirt and the mcqueen boots! nice blog as well..

  4. Thanks for reading & commenting ladies :)



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