Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Staples That Sizzle

Because there is only a month that remains until my favorite time of year, I thought I'd share my summer staples with all of you before it's too late...

Neon Accessories give an electric pop to natural-toned outfits. I love the layered watch/bracelet look, but just make sure to only use small doses of neon!

Denim is the one fabric to never go out of fashion. It remains easy to wear and is endlessly stylish.  I'm a big fan of the cuffed short style and retro denim vest!

The Corset provides a daring look that can be worn in several different ways.  Try wearing it layered over an oversized tee & leggings during the day, or tucked into harem pants for an easy transition into evening.  Mine is floral printed, which hits another one of my favorite trends :)

 Patterned pants provide another option for fuss-free summer fashion.  Pair floral patterned pants with a light tank, blazer, and heels for a comfy, work-appropriate outfit :)

Watch: Nixon  Bracelets: American Eagle Yarn Necklace: Mexico   Neon chain necklace: J.Crew Beaded necklace: H&M

Sleeveless Oxford: DIY
Shorts: American Eagle
Belt: J.Crew
Sequin shoes: Steve Madden
Sunnies: H&M
Tank: Sirens
Sequin shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: H&M 
White tee: Vince (
Corset: Aritzia
Leggings: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21

                            Corset: Aritzia
Harem trousers:
Shoes: Forever21

 Lace Bra: Aritzia

Pants: Vintage
Watch: Nixon
Studded wedges:    

These are just a few ideas to inspire you! Happy Saturday everyone, we up here in Canada get a 3-day weekend :)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspiration Is Foundation

So where exactly does my inspiration stem from? A better question would be 'Where doesn't it?!' I am constantly inspired by magazines, street style, television, store displays, the internet, etc. With so many resources out there, fashion possibilities have become endless!

I have found keeping track of inspiring ideas generates a database of outfit/styling ideas. For instance, I do not leave home without my fashion notebook. This way, whenever I am inspired, I jot down what inspired me & try to relate it to what I have in my closet at home. I also use an inspiration folder that was suggested to my by a former teacher :) The folder consists mostly of magazine tear-outs that serve the same purpose as my notebook. I hope to one day turn the folder into a wall display ;) What inspires you and how do you keep track of those inspirations?

Here are some photos of what I wore today...

                      Blazer: J.Crew     Shorts: H&M      Watch: Urban
                      Tee: J.Crew  Shoes: Steve Madden  Pearls: H&M
             Peace Necklace: DIY

xoxo Kelli

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bye bye Blog Virginity!

Well, here goes my blog virginity! Since this is my very first post, I'd like to explain my reasons for starting the blog in the first place. I have recently relocated to Canada where I hardly know anyone, let alone anyone as passionate about fashion as I am.  I have become so inspired with fashion in the past few years through various forms of media that if I can inspire at least one person, than I have met my goal :)
I initially discovered my love of fashion as a child, which spurred from my enjoyment in mixing and matching old prom and bridesmaid dresses from my Aunt Carole's wardrobe and never allowing my mother to select my outfits for me.
            Fast forward into high school where I was preparing for a career in medicine, but found myself distracted by rearranging my wardrobe into a variety of outfits and skimming through fashion magazines in my spare time.  My friends were envious of my clothes and I was even elected as “Best Dressed” by my peers during my senior year of high school.  I especially loved the power and effect that beautiful clothing can have and the creativity of piecing together untraditional garments in unique ways. 
I once thought my love of fashion stemmed from my love of shopping, but quickly realized I DESPISED shopping & wandering aimlessly through stores as an attempt to force myself to like/purchase things that everyone else seemed to like.  Also, on a students budget, I realized I couldn't keep up with the trends-it was overwhelming, expensive, & exhausting!!! After a hiatus from my shopping addiction, I realized the part of fashion I was OBSESSED with was the experimental aspects, being daring, and not for one moment caring about what other people thought.  I love that finding a perfect bag, pair of shoes, or article of clothing can completely change your mood, the way you walk down the street, and your life.  Stay tuned for more posts and my fashion thoughts :)