Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Countdown To Fall

This poor catalog has been sitting on my coffee table for some time now, as I haven't had the time to flip through it.  Leave it to J.Crew to dictate exactly how I feel about fall in their September '10 catalog...

"Each fall, the rush of readying our wardrobe has some of the thrill of a new love affair."
The front cover...simply gorgeous...
Jenna's picks :)
Purple, plaid, ruched orange silk, & gray combat boots
J.Crew's pieces are timeless...they can be paired with anything  & still look chic, put together, & sophisticated.  Most people ask me just what I see myself doing in the fashion industry ( I did graduate with a BS in Biology and Chemistry, only to go back to school for fashion merchandising), and my answer is this: I want to be Jenna.  Jenna, the Creative Director for J.Crew, has FANTASTIC taste & the insanely creative ability to pair things together that most would never think of...She has my dream job.  Each month, she selects anywhere from 10-15 items that she feels captures the trends of that time frame.  Let me tell you, she is always bang on! So that, my friends, is my DREAM job in the fabulous industry of Fashion....
**See more fabulous looks online at www.jcrew.com**

Summer in Canada seems to be holding on for dear life, as it's hot & humid again today.  Needless to say, my outfits this week aren't really post-worthy, but since I was up early today anyway, I thought I'd share.... 
Hunter green Cardi (F21), tee (H&M), shorts (F21), necklace (Bebe), bow (H&M) 
 Light pink Brogues (River Island)
 Rose ring (Sirens), Disk ring (Banana Republic)
 Watch (UO), Wood & Metal (H&M), Pink crystals (Express)


Monday, August 30, 2010

The Fashion Worshiper's Stuck On Band-Aid Brand!

Oh Band-aid's...what would I have done without you in my younger years? How would I have gotten through endless soccer seasons with you not covering my blisters from new cleats? How would I have walked the streets of downtown Chicago in heels without you on hand in case of an emergency?  Well, Cynthia Rowley has decided that if people are going to wear band-aids, they might as well look fashionable doing so!  Check out her latest designs for Band-Aid Brand....

Not only are these band-aid's fit for a fashionista, but $1 from each tin sold is donated to Design Ignites Change, an organization that works with both high school & college students involved in design & architectural projects to help address social problems within their communities.  I'm digging the sequin-inspired style ;)  Hope everyone has a great day, it's hot & humid again in Canada so my outfit is on the casual side.
Vest (etsy), Cardi (H&M), tee (AE), shorts & belt (H&M), necklace (Costa Blanca)

Watch (Casio), white (Garage), Rest (H&M)
Tribal sandles (Forever21)

*Big Thanks to Hattie, who brought this article to my attention!*

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Sunday, here at last...

Because I have been so busy with my Fall Style Guide & the hustle-and-bustle of daily life, I realized I haven't posted any pictures of what else has been going on :)  This weekend was good, as I spent time with friends & family.  I also had some time to lounge with a glass of wine & tackle the ever-growing stack of fashion magazines on my desk....

St. Jacobs, ON shopping district...such cute shops :)

Voted 'Best Nachos in the City' in Waterloo, ON

Ahh my sequin blazer...paired with my vintage panther cuff :)
Worn to dinner @ The Golden Kiwi, best Pad Thai I have ever eaten :)
Blogging & a Custard treat from British Pride Bakery...so yummy....
My dogs, tired after a long run & playdate with my neighbor's boxer ;)
A Wedding shower cake-what an awesome design!
Girls day in London :)
My Acne blouse was what came in the mail... :)
Not a good picture, but it shows the blouse better.
Happy Lazy Sunday :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Perfect Pair

I recently found this picture on Shopbop.com in one of their lookbooks (love those lookbooks). This picture completely inspires me, as she looks so chic, but yet so comfortable at the same time.  I truly believe that is what fashion is suppose to be, chic & comfortable.  Sure, we have all suffered for the name of fashion (case in point: those killer, mile-high stilettos that make our  feet hurt like hell every time we wear them), but for the most part, I dress on the comfy side. I don't like to wear things that feel too tight, or that are too short that I have to tug on them all day long...how is that being fashionable? I pretty much have some sort of variation of this entire outfit in my wardrobe EXCEPT for the perfect pair of black flats, I declare a shoe hunt ;) Do you have your own perfect pair of black flats?

P.S. Look what came in the mail for me, can you guess what it is? I will be wearing it later this evening for drinks :)

Happy Saturday, Dolls!

Friday, August 27, 2010

FALL STYLE GUIDE: Military Influence & Mixed Olives

I decided to save the BIGGEST & BEST trend for Fall 2010 for last: everything Military. Although reintroduced several season's ago, the military trend is still fighting on the forefront. This fall, shades of khaki, brown, & olive green are creating an impact.  After all, what man doesn't love a woman in uniform?!

Ash egosit cuff booties, Max&Chloe demibullet necklace

Elizabeth&James shrunken surplus jacket, Juicy Couture skylar twill military jacket

NOW 1: Jacket (Mango), tee (Aritzia), skirt (Mango)
Wedges (Asos), Bag (H&M)
LATER 1: Jacket (Mango), tee (Aritzia), Jeggings (F21)
Bag (H&M), Oxfords (F21)
NOW 2: Parka (New Look), tee (H&M), jeggings (F21)
Sneakers (Steve Madden), Bag (H&M)
LATER 2: Parka (New Look), Cardi (H&M), Tee & Jeggings (F21)
Satchel & Wedges (Asos)
Fall's most essential layering piece is by far the Parka.  It can be worn for any occasion, whether it be worn over a sequin mini, with a t-shirt and boots, or atop a sweater dress, the Parka can do no wrong!


Equipment signature satin blouse, J.Brand houlihan twill cargo pants

Olive City: Parka (New Look), Jacket (Mango), Ripped tee & Cardi (F21)

Today, I opted for outfit 'NOW 1' because I could not wait any longer to wear this jacket (just arrived early this week)!  I love it & have already gone through my closet and thought of about ten different ways to wear it...

I really hope you have enjoyed my Fall Style Guide, as well as gained some sort of inspiration as to how to incorporate new trends into your own wardrobes :)  Happy Friday & Thanks for Reading!

* A Special thanks to my good friend Erica, who has been avidly following & sending  photos of her trying my style tips*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

FALL STYLE GUIDE: Chunky Knits & Ice Blue

Nothing compares to the feeling of a comfy over-sized knit sweater on a crisp fall day.  The same holds true for Fall 2010- whether teamed with skinny jeans or worn with your highest pair of heels, a cozy knit is this season's must-have item.

BCBGMAZAZRIA oversized sweater dress, Alexander Wang mohair boatneck sweater (shopbop.com) 

NOW: sweater (H&M), shorts (UO)
Wedges & Satchel (Asos)
LATER:  navy scarf (vintage), sweater (H&M), tee (F21), Jeans (UO)
Heels (F21), Satchel (Asos)
My fav chunky sweaters (UO & Anthropologie)

This color was completely mesmerizing when seen on the runway due to the complete unexpectedness of it's link to Fall 2010.  Normally stowed away until spring with the remainder of the pastel color wheel, Ice blue has earned it's spot in the top 6 for 2010.

Rebecca Taylor 'Love it' blouse (shopbop.com)
River Island blue eyelash sweater
Several blue items of my own: Shoes (River island), belt & turtleneck (J.Crew), oxford (F21)
I am still on the hunt for that perfect ice blue item to add to my wardrobe (very open to suggestions)...I'm thinking a big, chunky knit sweater for layering :)  It's not one of my favorite colors to wear, but it's growing on me...
Today, I wore Chunky knits 'NOW' outfit and once again, I swapped my shoes (wedges for leather gladiators).  Thursday already? This means I only have one more post until my Fall Style Guide comes to an end...
Lovin' the leather patches on this sweater, which match the leather of my gladiators ;)
Watch (UO), All bracelets (H&M)
Rings (Banana Republic)
Thanks for reading!