Friday, February 28, 2014

Photo Friday: Celebrations, Big & Small

Last weekend I had several feats to celebrate: Canada winning gold on Sunday morning (I cheered too since the USA was done-zo), discovering a Zara dress that sold out much too quickly on Ebay, & my father-in-law's birthday party last Sunday afternoon. I can't believe it's the last day of February; it has literally flown by & at the same time, been so memorable... 

Olympic themed cups of Sparkling white grape juice (idea borrowed from here) for the Gold medal game @ 7AM
Zara lace & leather dress via Ebay
What I wore to the birthday celebration, including my Hipanema bracelet
Party essentials stored outdoors (which means it's still too flippin' cold out)
Surf & Turf was on the menu for the birthday boy
Dirty drunken shrimp & king crab legs
A very special birthday cake, proceeds benefiting cancer research

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Jeweled Collar

A much different form of outfit posting for me, but it was all I could think to do with the unwelcomed polar vortex back in action. I couldn't resist this sweater, the detachable collar being the main selling point.  I can't wait to pair it with shorts & silver sandals, if/when spring ever arrives...

Sweater (J.Crew)/ Denim (Old Navy)/ Boots (MBMJ)/ Rings & Sunnies (F21)/ Clutch (Indigo)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Inspiration: City Life

I'm feeling a little unlucky in the planning department lately.  I wanted to head to Chicago (my former home & favorite city I have visited) for a few pre-wedding festivities for one of my oldest friends.  Plans changed, however, once life got in the way.  Here's a little inspiration I've had saved on my desktop...

*All images from tumblr*

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slow Down

Sometimes I'm so busy rushing around, attempting to accomplish what feels like a million tasks in a short amount of time, that I don't make a point to just slow down & focus on the little things.  Little things like a dose of afternoon sunshine on a cold winter's day...

Coat & Heels (Zara)/ Sweater (Vintage)/ Denim (Old Navy)/
Bows (DIY)/ Rings (F21,YSL)

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Powder Pink

A powder pink peplum top that can't be happy being layered over a turtleneck.  Remember what I said about winter coming in waves this year? This continues to hold true, we've returned to negative temperatures & gusts of icy wind.  Be prepared for some brightly colored outfits sooner than later, I'm officially over winter...

Bracelets (Juicy Couture)/ All Else (F21)

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Photo Friday: Drunken Love

Drunken love in the form of  a weekend away in Niagara.  Hands down, the best Valentine's Day I've ever experienced...

Valentine's Day doughnuts via Timmy's
All packed up & ready to go!
Started the afternoon with a spa pedicure, courtesy of Ali :)
Pink Champagne to celebrate the beginning of the trip
The manpanion's Valentine's Day gift (DIY'd by moi)
Dinner was at Remington's & was amazing
The Ferris wheel all lit up
We bowled for a few hours, which proved to be long over-due
Beers & bowling, can't think of a better way to spend Valentine's Day
The wine tours I missed out on
A low-key outfit for site seeing & wandering around the Falls (Zara coat, F21 lace shirt)
A frozen Niagara Falls
These fingerless gloves paired perfectly with my new bow bangle (both F21)
Niagara Falls at night
Game night & beers in coffee cups
Ready to head home (J.Crew travel bag)
Casual outfit for Outlet shopping & traveling back home (Zara Coat, F21 striped hoodie & Bag)
Waiting to check out after an unforgettable getaway, until next time Niagara...

Happy Weekend :)