Monday, March 31, 2014

A Crush on Coral

The only thing I'm happy about on this Monday morning is the fact that it's suppose to reach 8C in a positive temperature!  I've added some coral to my spring wardrobe & couldn't resist sharing these new arrivals on such a nice day...

Heels (J.Crew)
Jewelry (F21)
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Photo Friday: Playing Catch-Up

Some of you may have noticed my week-long absence from blogging last week.  I still feel like I may have jumped the gun returning to my daily routine, but I know it's important to have a sense of normalcy after your world is turned upside down.  Bear with me as I try to get back to normal, outfit posts will resume & all will go back as it was.  Until then, here are a few photos from the past two weeks...

Took a breather at Beer Town mid-week, in the middle of the afternoon...
Easy outfits, tossed on without much thought (Joe Fresh striped tee, Old Navy denim, & Asos plimsolls)
This little guy traveled with us
I cannot tell you how many sandwich trays were consumed over the past week
Sorting through mail & packages last weekend
How my night stand has looked for the past week...
Lazy evenings on home, trying to relax
Trips to Panera Bread never disappoint

Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014


A little sparkle (in this particular case, a lot), always seems to make me feel put together & a little more glamorous...

 Blazer (Costa Blanca)/ Sweater (SheInside)/ Denim (Old Navy)/
Heels & Necklace (F21)/ Rings (H&M)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ice Blue

More pastels, this time in the form of ice blue.  This sweater was one I couldn't pass on, especially since it incorporates metallic threading.  There's a few more days of colder temperatures on the forecast, leaving me with a few more opportunities to wear this before spring sneaks up on us...

Sweater (SheInside)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pastel Power

As promised, regular posting has resumed.  I've been wearing this jacket more often than not, which you will soon see in upcoming posts.  I've been leaning towards simple layers, attempting to include at least one pastel shade in each outfit.  Spring state of mind, right?

Jacket & Heels (Zara)/ Tee (Joe Fresh)/ Denim (Old Navy)/ Rings (H&M)

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Monday, March 24, 2014

On Loss

The family suffered a tremendous loss last week, one that we can not begin to fathom how to live without.  I've dealt with death in the family before & lost grandparents, great grandparents, uncles, & cousins, but none that have rocked me the way this one has.  The world lost one of the best men I will ever have the honor of knowing, a man who put family & the important things in life above all else.  He was my second father, a relationship I never dreamed I would have.  I chose to share this a week late because honestly, putting it out there seems to help. I will never forget his infectious smile, the lessons he taught me, & his love of black licorice (thus the Sambuca shots we took in his honor)...

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Photo Friday: Spring Fever?

I'm sure by now everyone has Spring fever.  Pastel-colored everything & spring shoes are out, which is basically torture considering I still can't leave the house without socks & boots.  Here's to a weekend of thinking warm & sunny thoughts by wearing these new arrivals indoors...

Rings (H&M)
I saw my deck for the first time in months last Tuesday
Leopard perfection in the form of plimsolls (Asos)
Pastel colored frosted cupcakes for girls night last weekend
Watercolor sweatshirt (Sheinside)
Cabo chicken tacos + one amazing Rita Coronita (Lone Star Texas Grill)
Nude ankle boots, perfect for summer (F21)

Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Garden Party

Unfortunately, outside doesn't appear this way any longer.  The damp pavements from a few days ago have been covered with snow & ice.  I needed something springy to wear on that one warm afternoon & a quality floral print did the trick...

Coat, Top, & Rings (F21)/ Denim (Old Navy)/ Heels (Ebay)

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Inspiration: Bundle Up, One More Time

Just a little inspiration for getting dressed for Winter this morning, not to be confused with Spring yesterday.  Go home, Mother Nature- You're drunk!

*All images from tumblr*

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mais Oui, Mon Cheri

Printed tops with French phrases are undeniably trending at the moment.  This particular one, which translates into 'But Yes, My Darling', was created by Vancouver 'Cake For Breakfast' blogger Tessa & purchased from Blush Shop boutique in Guelph.  Not only did I procure a new favorite sweatshirt, but I also fed my passion for supporting small, local business.

Blazer (Costa Blanca)/ Sweatshirt (CFB via Blush Shop)/ Heels (Ebay)
Denim (Old Navy)/ Necklace (Jeweliq)/ Rings (Asos, F21)

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Fuzzy Leopard

Falling snow & fuzzy sweaters, I can't think of a better method to wrap up winter-wear.  Anyone else dragging today? The time change & a spontaneous afternoon of day drinking prove to be a lethal combination for a productive Monday morning...

Coat, Denim, & Heels (F21)/ Sweater (TopShop)/ Clutch (Vintage)

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