Thursday, September 21, 2017

BRB, in the Pool...

I basically lived in this outfit this was too easy to toss on following an afternoon in the pool. And this necklace? The perfect pop of colour for summer! My shoes varied from lace-up sandals to simple flip-flops, depending on where we were headed. This particular day I had to navigate the doctor's office with both girls, so these espadrilles were the most practical...

Kimono (The Gypsy's Wanderlust)/ Dress (Target)/ Sandals (Asos)/ Necklace (Anthro)

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lazy Long Weekends

I'm for any excuse to make Monday feel like an extra day of the weekend, especially during the summer. We couldn't really travel too far before Sadie had her first set of shots, so we made the most of every long weekend around our neck of the woods.  I'm finally getting through all these summer posts you guys, now to upload all the new content I've been working on...

Dress (Free People)/ Sandals (U.O.)
Sadie's first time to a birthday party :)
Treat yo self ;) Coffee Culture has the best cheesecake around
Sunday morning special (cozy card & a warm coffee)
Fun in the tub because, why not? (Tub Crayons: Munckin) 
Italian Pizza from Boston Pizza (soooo gooooood)
Momiform (Thermal & Pants: F21, Baby Bag: MBMJ)
Zoey was in HEAVEN the entire time we were at Bingaman's 

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tropical Gladiator

The title of this post really explains what I was going for here. Every day, something else seems to fit me again & it feels like it's brand new (it's been a long two years of missing my closet). I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but F21's dresses keep getting shorter & shorter...& I never even attempt to buy the ones with 'mini' in the description. I can usually counteract their shortness by sizing up, but even that isn't cutting it lately. Cue knee-high gladiator sandals & a tropical kimono...sorta counteracts how short this dress is. Obviously worn out for errands & lunch, this wouldn't cut it at the park 😉

Kimono (Lulu's)/ Earrings (H&M)/ All Else (F21)

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Monday, September 18, 2017

To New Adventures...

Learning to navigate with a new baby is one thing, two is a whole different challenge in itself. I wore this to a craft beer & ribfest a few months ago.  My wonderful mother-in-law took Zoey for the day so we could enjoy ourselves a little more (chasing a toddler around is really great exercise FYI).  It was a super warm afternoon & our sweet little baby ended up being fussy...aka we had to stuff our faces with BBQ while constantly keeping her moving. Moral of the story? Expect the worst, prepare for it, & be grateful when it turns out better then expected...

Kimono (Zara)/ Dress (Target)/ Sandals & Earrings (F21)

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Friday, September 15, 2017

My Kind of Weekender

In lieu of the weekend, I'd thought I'd switch it up with a rarely seen outfit post.  I've been basically living in this dress since I bought it last summer.  It is the one piece that has helped me survive this postpartum faze that I've now endured twice in two years.  I originally wanted the black & white striped version, but am oh so pleased this was the only one left in my size.  I may or my not be wearing this right now...

Dress (VICI Collection)/ Sandals (Birkenstock)/ Earrings (F21)

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lovin' Every Minute of It

Loving every minute of being a stay-at-home mama of two.  It's challenging, some days are better than others, but my goodness…this is time I will never get back.  Snuggles & hugs I never would have had if Canada's maternity leave policy wasn't so amazing.  I am so, so incredibly fortunate to be able to make so many memories with both girls on a daily basis.  Zoey has only had to be in daycare for five months over the course of her life & Sadie will be lucky enough to start daycare with her big sister by her side.  Sorry, I'm clearly feeling a bit emotional today & just extremely grateful :)

Zoey's first flat-lay (dress & sandals: Old Navy)
Drove all the way to Panera for an Icee Mocha (Tunic: Free People)
Remnant of an all-day adventure (farmer's market, mall, & lunch)
Just the three of us at the Farmer's Market
Park-life, almost on the daily...
Rainy day frapps :)
Father's day presents for out #1 guy :)
Beautiful blooms purchased weekly, all summer long :)

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

July 2017

Couldn't resist sharing these photos, even though they're pushing on three months irrelevant.  I guess when I take the time to photograph certain moments, I sorta have to share them…seems like a waste not to, right? These are from the double holiday in July (Sadie's first Canada Day & 4th of July), both of which were celebrated to the fullest extent...

Holiday basket for the family to celebrate Canada Day 150
These sandals were perfect for the holiday long weekend (Sandals: Zara, Dress (F21)
My first ever Beaver Tail (amazing)
Canada Day festivities in Riverside Park never disappoint 
Canada Day gifts for the girls :)
Waiting for the parade to start
Sandals (Zara)
Pints for Canada Day
4th of July Ready (Dress:Vici, Sandals (Zara)
The girls both napped at the same time, so mama got some time in to relax in the pool solo (Suit: Joe Fresh)
A 4th of July cookout for one 
Scarf (F21)/ Sandals (Zara)

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sweet Summertime

Sweet summertime, summarized in photos.  You know me, always one to wish summer away in favor of fall.  This year, however, was the complete opposite.  I feel like we took full advantage of summer this year & were outside every day the weather allowed.  The afternoons are still warm, so we're continuing on...

Pool time almost every day 
French toast breakfasts, per Zoey's request 
Pool essentials (hat: F21, koozie: shop bando)
Summer paddle…my first one back since Sadie :)
Finally got to visit the Toronto Zoo :)
A blonde for a blonde (Sandals: F21)
Loving these new lights the Mr. picked up
Date night out on the deck (the result of a last minute babysitter cancellation)
Putting Zoey's Easter present to good use (Flamingo: Sunnylife) 

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