Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Friday: Of Weekends Past

Happy Friday the 13th! If you're feeling unlucky today, just remember, 'there aren't really lucky people- just those who recognize good opportunities.'  Here are some random photos over the past few weekends that I never got around to posting...

My brother's double bacon cheeseburger...the rest of us only braved the single...
Bring on the picthers...
Ezra in his winter-hibernation mode
A trip to IKEA prompted the purchase of meatballs...
IKEA mice for the dogs ;)
Recent buys/gifts
NEW zara floral blouse, snagged on sale ;)
Beautiful view
Xmas gifts from my sister-in-law
Who doesn't like to eat like an 8-year-old?!
New 2012 planner & J.Crew Catalog...

Happy Weekend :)


  1. All of those food pictures are making me hungry! These are really cute pictures. Love all the IKEA mice!


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