Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Friday: In With the New...

Nothing too interesting occurred this past week due to the move & unpacking, so I thought I'd show you some new wardrobe arrivals.  Some of these arrived months ago, but were shipped to the U.S. and arrived last week with my visitors (thanks parental unit, you rock). 

Metallic Heels: Old pair that I'm so glad I held onto and... first pair of Alexander Wang's: Fabianna in Metallic Blush !!!
J.Crew goodies: new parka coat, leopard-print trousers, & plain tee (thank you sale section, don't mind if I do) ;)
What's in the box?!
Alexander Wang 'Sheer Chunky Sweater' (literally the last one & marked down so far I couldn't resist)
La La Land 'Flamingo' print sweater
Voluspa Candle gift pack & pom pom bracelet from Planet Blue

Happy Weekend :)


  1. ohh so wonderful clothes and shoes! I love it <3
    please visit me in free time:)

  2. those shoes are so perfect

    follow me on bloglovin and i do the same back hun


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