Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Inspiration: On the Hunt

I typically reserve Wednesday's for posts on different trends (old & new), but this week I decided to show you a few things I'm on the hunt for & can't wait to try.  If you guys have any suggestions on new things to try or where to buy any of these, please feel free to let me know :)

Slowly expanding my collection of dainty jewelry...
So sad I let this skirt get away, beware Ebay- I'm stalking you (Isabel Marant Etoile)...
Expanding my taste buds in the beer department & loving every drink!
My hair is finally long enough for these giant, messy buns...
I've gone back to my old ways (aka: matching my bag with my shoes)..
Rekindled my relationship with hot chocolate...can't wait to add some sprinkles to my next cup!

Thanks for Reading :)

*All images from tumblr*


  1. How inspiring, I want to compile things I want to try too

  2. Saw that skirt on Ebay, but in red! I'll keep an eye out for you

  3. New beers, I'll add that to a list any day!

  4. Nice idea, matching shoes to bags! I have done it for years :)

  5. That hot cocoa looks so tempting right now

  6. Such a nice dainty little necklace, stars are my favorite! Try for some affordable versions :)


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