Friday, August 8, 2014

Photo Friday: Sunday Somewhere

Last weekend around the neighborhood... I loved the no-sweater summer weather for the four consecutive days I was lucky enough to escape the 9-5.  There's a lot more to this post, but that I will save for next week.

New-ish striped tee (Zara)
Last Friday afternoon in a nutshell
Mini-golfing with the Mr. last Sunday afternoon (Asos sneakers)
My favorite beer, enjoyed on a patio after a losing round of before mentioned mini-golf
Symposium's grilled veggie wrap + sweet potato fries
Exploring downtown Hespeler
Stopped at Ernie's Roadhouse for a round of mini pitchers
Nail polish of the week (J.Crew)
Afternoon pool session
Aftermath of last Sunday evening...

Happy Weekend!


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