Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Proper Summer Send-Off

Attempting to send summer off properly with a few last minute acquisitions & activities.  Most of this series was shot over the holiday weekend, where I attempted to take advantage of 90 degree days & 80 degree evenings...

A printed headscarf (F21) is the perfect piece for Saturday night hair worn on Sunday...
Sidewalk chalk isn't just for kiddos...
Last Friday night out on the deck, awaiting our visitors. (Radio: Sunny Life, Cup: Target)
Recently collected koozi's from Iowa
A neon green dress (F21) for summer nights
Can't get enough of this friendship bracelet (Anna Karolina)
Buckets of beer last Monday afternoon
A sparkly pineapple purse, just big enough to hold the necessities (J.Crew crewcuts)

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