Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Introducing....The Gypsy's Wanderlust

Be forewarned- this blog post is a thinly veiled opportunity for me to brag about an old friend & her new boutique, The Gypsy's Wanderlust.

The owner is the very definition of a free-spirit, which resonates throughout the boutique.  She has an educational background in fashion/entrepreneurial studies & a resume that boasts visual merchandising at Anthropologie, as well as making dreams come true in the sales department at Disney World.  Opening her own boutique was not only a dream come true, but a no-brainer for this fashion forward friend of mine.

I had the opportunity to visit & photograph the store on opening weekend this past November.  Although there has been more creative additions to the space, the theme of the store remains the same.  The boutique resides in Clinton, Iowa, but you can follow Amie's Facebook page (here) for new arrivals & shipping information ;)

Business cards are displayed in a vintage cheese crate on the counter
Earthy jewelry is displayed in a glass counter, hung off pieces of driftwood...
Many of her products are sourced locally (visit ebb & flow's etsy page here)
Hand-knitted goods are displayed colorfully on stumps & shelves
Vintage glassware can be found throughout the space
A variety of cardigans, knitwear, tees, & tops are displayed on industrial-style railings...
There's a wide range of accessories, which of course complement the clothing...
Upcycled candle holders created from vintage glass are also for sale, handcrafted by the owner herself...
Scarves are displayed on a small vintage table, pouring out of a vintage basket...

Happy Shopping!

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