Friday, April 3, 2015

Photo Friday: Welcome Duncan!

My day off work has already been a productive one, as I've just finished crossing things off my weekly to-do list.  The most significant being welcoming a new addition to our family, an English Mastiff named Duncan (after my Blackhawks of course)...

Red hair & a new 'k' from Home Sense
Printed off our Red Sox tickets for an upcoming road trip with the Mr.
Nautical stripes, perfect for spring (H&M)
Puppy supplies :)
Easter basket prep with my morning coffee (mug: F21)
Little Mr. Duncan
A friend lent us the Harry Potter series that I plan on starting this afternoon...

Happy Weekend :)


  1. So glad you had a productive day! These pictures made me smile. Thanks for sharing them. And I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Easter as well :) There will most likely be a ton more pictures of our newest addition haha



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