Friday, March 11, 2016

Photo Friday: Pre-Zoey

Yup, that's right…still playing catch up.  These photos are from the week we were waiting for Zoey to arrive.  My parents drove up on my due date, only to 'waste' a week just with me doing puzzles & little projects around the house.  Weekends are so much better with her here, so happy weekend :)

Ahh yes.  Still waiting to pop open a bottle of vino… (sweatshirt: shein)
Football Sunday nachos, the last of the season :(
Free People has been nailing it lately, can't get enough...
The last mocktail for awhile, courtesy of Moxie's
Finishing up all my gift cards from the holidays (F21 & Ily Couture)
Donut & coffee run to Tim's
Puzzle numero uno (sad to admit there was more than one completed)
My mama's homemade cookies, so good...
This 'little' guy turned a whole year old (January 30th).
Celebrating Duncan's bday with frozen yogurt & new toys

Happy Weekend!

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