Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Real Talk

Real talk: I cannot believe it's March already.  Since my job description changed drastically after mat leave (read: my position no longer exists), I've been hustling to make enough hours to go back on mat leave again in May.  I no longer get to dress up/wear what I want/use anything in my closet, which is why you've noticed a steady decline in outfit posts & fashion-related content in general.  The work is harder, I'm on my feet more, & I miss nail polish like no other, but I'm tough & willing to do whatever is best for our soon to be family of four.  I've been trying to shoot what I'm wearing on the weekends, a little more dressy than normal…over compensating? Probably, but I really miss getting dressed every day...

Cape (Nordstrom)/ Boots (Zara)/ All Else (F21)

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