Monday, November 22, 2010

Lanvin for H&M: The Video :)

Bare with me, I'm new to the whole video making/editing process! Here it is, a video of the whole Lanvin for H&M experience :)


  1. ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
    fantastic :D

    follow me and write comment if you want ;*

  2. Fun vid! I'm a Canadian living in NYC and I know how cold it gets in TO, so it was lucky you guys got to be inside a mall! I was in line in NYC by midnight and waited outside for 8 hours. Horrifying! But totally worth it!! Glad you got what you wanted! I posted my first piece on my blog as well!

    x Antonia


  3. Love your video! Love your blog too, just found it and will definitely keep following :) I see your Canadian - me too!
    xo from Calgary!

  4. Love your blog! Just gotta say...spelling fail. lol.

  5. Thanks guys, so glad you enjoyed it! Sorry I couldn't get any footage inside, the security guard wasn't too happy with me when I tried to sneak it ;)


  6. I'm from Greece and the collection is going to be released in a few hours here so I watched the whole video to be prepared!Thanks for sharing,it was very good for a first effort ;)

  7. tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!! i am sooooo excited!!! I am following your blog! Follow back if you wish!

  8. WOW we're waiting for it until 23 xoxo
    i'm following u hope you'll do the same
    sweet kisses form italy

  9. how cool! Everything was sold out at the one close to me :(

  10. OMG!! u ppl are crazy fashionistas!!

    i like your shopping system.. we don't have that i Finland... i guess =)

    But wow... so many ppl can wake up at 2 am just to get 1 dress... I admire u!!!!

  11. Hay :) You have a great blog! cool video too. Am now your 100th follower! hahhaha. hope you follow back ^_^

    francesca (


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