Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Friday: Long Weekend Recap

I had an AMAZING holiday weekend.  Visits with friends, a trip to the movies (Magic Mike is a must-see if you like half-naked male actors), a few holiday-themed outfits, lots of time spent outdoors (baseball games & patios), & some quality time with the manpanion. 

Outfit planning
Sushi feast
Lounging in the sun
Could hardly keep Mr. Ezra inside
Weekend ticket stubs
New sale items arrived from Topshop :)

Happy Weekend :)


  1. Photo Friday's on your blog are indeed the best, I look forward to them all week! You are great at putting together a good mix of images!

  2. Haha I like the photo of you, so silly with that head band!

  3. Are you going to show us what you scored from TopShop? They had a lot of great stuff in the sale section...

  4. The first photo is great, a break down of what you wore.

    -Hattie Jane

  5. How was Magic Mike? Worth the money to see?

  6. What kind of sushi do you like? I just got introduced to it and not at all sure what to try.

  7. Thanks guys, for all your comments! Magic Mike is a bad movie with AMAZING scenery haha. As for sushi, I eat anything and everything, but if I go with the manpanion...not the same story. Start off trying whatever you feel like, crab & shrimp are safe bets or the california roll (just veggies).



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