Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Mornings

Saturday morning simpleness. I guess the weatherman didn't lie, as the sky looks quite ominous.  This puts a damper on this afternoon's plans for a family bbq, but could be a blessing in disguise with the Olympics on all day...

Simple outfit
Trying a new recipe for baked french toast
Quick errand for a birthday card + hair dye
Last night's simple outfit

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  1. A great look for the day! I'm a bit weary of the weather myself...I keep hoping it will somehow be a clear, sunny day!

  2. Great choices, can;t wait to see the first outfit on!

  3. Umm that french toast looks a bit odd.

    -Hattie Jane

  4. Did your hair turn out alright? With box dye, you never know.

  5. Great pics, love how you are showing different ways to style those new sandals!

    Best, Calli

  6. Nice photos, did you shoot outfit posts in these?


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