Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Shoe Dilemma Solved in Two Simple Steps

Since fall is just around the corner & every pair of boots (ok ALL shoes in general) I see feels like they have to belong to me, I decided to prepare a few simple steps that I use for buying the perfect pair of shoes. While some people could continue to buy shoes until the cows come home, others regard the process as a chore and put it off until it’s really necessary (clearly, you know which category I fall under). Either way, buying and wearing shoes, like clothes, is a compulsory part of human existence. We all like to feel we are getting ‘value for money’, so buying a decent pair of shoes that will last as long as possible tends to be high on everybody’s agenda.

With that being said, buying a quality pair of shoes is about much more than bagging a bargain. The shoes we wear can affect the health of our feet, knees, back and posture – making it very important that we invest our money wisely. If you are looking for some advice on what to look for when choosing a pair of shoes, you may want to take a look at the following simple tips:

1.  Pick Shoes That Breath
      It may sound obvious, but choosing shoes that are made from breathable materials or are  
     designed with perforations that don’t trap in moisture is preferable to choosing shoes made
      from more suffocating materials that don’t possess any perforations. 
      Leather is generally employed by most footwear manufacturers as the main material for shoes
      and is a good choice for high quality.

**Side Note: Leather isn’t the only material to provide a sweat-free environment for wearers. In fact, while many FredPerry shoes at for men are made out of quality leather, many are made out of canvas – a more modern option for those looking for a moisture free material.

2.  Ensure Shoes Have a Good Fit
     There is nothing quite as bad for your feet as wearing ill-fitting shoes, so you should always
     ensure that there is ample room at the front and back of the shoe when trying them on. 
     Make sure you walk up and down the shop in your new footwear before deciding whether or  
     not to get the credit card out. Check to see whether they rub at the heel and test how tight they
     are around the toe and ball of your foot. The best shoes will offer support and comfort, so 
     always look for these qualities. 

**Side Note: It may also be worth having your feet professionally measured in order to ensure you get the right size. Remember to consider whether you need your shoes to offer wider fittings or not and shop accordingly. 

*Image from tumblr*

Happy Shoe Shopping!


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  2. Good advice and very comical picture

  3. Great advice, so often I just buy shoes for the status not the fit and I should change!

  4. Nice advice, I will put it into consideration.

  5. I feel you, I want every pair of shoes I see lately...

  6. I like little tutorials like this, they make you see things you wouldn;t notice yourself!


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