Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday

It seems the closer we get to wrapping up the summer, the faster it seems to fly by.  Here are some photos from last week + last weekend's bridal festivities...

Close up of one of my favorite looks of the summer: tie dye + colored jewels
Taco Tuesday
Car-printed skirt (scored on Ebay)
The mighty Mississippi River
Iced Coffee every day
One of the bridesmaids made this cake...impressive!
Inappropriate but completely necessary novelty items...
Bar hoppin'
Extra Frozen Mocha from Panera on the car ride home...

Happy Weekend :)


  1. Nice photos, the first one just screams summer~

  2. Whoever did that cake has some talent...mind passing her contact info on? My daughter's birthday is quickly approaching!

  3. Did your friend get any cool gifts? I never know what to bring to showers

  4. I very much enjoy these posts of yours.

  5. Drooling over your panera...I could use that extra caffeine today, that's for sure.


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