Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Introducing Once A Week Chic

I was sent an email this morning about this new website called 'Once A Week Chic' and just knew it was too good not to share.  What is this new site all about you ask? Once a Week Chic brings you today's most coveted pieces in a single look that's complete from head to toe. Inspired by global trendsetters, they've scoured the best boutiques to put together the best looks, keeping cost in mind.  This site seems like an amazing idea for those of us who sometimes struggle with putting looks together or want to step outside their comfort zone by trying new styles.  Learn more about it here or click the icon located on the right side of my blog :) 

Happy Shopping :)


  1. Woow! Gorgeous post! Love your blog! my best congrats!!

  2. What a great idea, I'm so checking this out girl!


  3. Such a cute look, can;t wait to see what else they offer!

  4. Who is that girl, does she have a blog????

  5. Thanks for letting us know, how considerate of you!


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