Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo Friday: Gone Country

A few photos from an AMAZING concert a few Saturdays ago in NY.  Since the manpanion & I have never seen a concert together (it's only been 6.5 years), I bought tickets for his birthday present last April.  We booked a hotel room, had a few too many drinks, & enjoyed some of our favorite tunes...

Pieces of what I wore to the concert (Vintage shirt & belt, Spell charm bracelet, & Asos ID bracelet)
Border traffic allowed me to snap some awesome shots of the Falls
Didn't mean to buy tall boys, but it was a happy accident...
On our way into the park :)
Think I was in this line way too often...
My denim jacket worked as the perfect seat
Mr. Jason Aldean on the stage

Happy Weekend :)


  1. I saw him in concert once too, he's so good!

  2. Lovely photos.

    -Hattie Jane

  3. Do you have a better picture of what you wore? I like seeing what people wear to different events.

  4. Holy crap you can drink a lot for a girl. impressed

  5. Great photos, the sunset is awesome


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