Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jamaica: A Travel Diary

Since I've finally had the time to sort through/edit my vacation photos, I though I'd share a few this week.  I broke them down into categories, starting with travel photos...

Couldn't resist painting my toes in this Essie shade...
In a bizarre turn of events, we got bumped to first class on the way there...
Getting ready to get off the plane (J.Crew Crewcuts Hat, Asos sandals)
Fun on the Beach (Sam Edelman sandals)
Buckets of Beer at Margaritaville
Soaking up some last-minute sun before leaving for the airport
How I miss shorts & tanks (casual airport attire)
All packed up and ready to head home :(

Thanks for Reading :)


  1. Loving those sandals. Could they be any more appropriate for Jamaica?!

  2. Great photos. Tell me about it, I quite miss shorts :(

  3. Haha I like the nail polish color you picked ;)

  4. That's a great hat, did you wear it on the beach?

  5. Let's see more beach, please?!


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