Thursday, November 22, 2012

Unapologetically Thankful

Thanksgiving is always a reminder to me of what really matters.  I'm so thankful for the home the manpanion & I have built, the people in my life who mean more to me than some of them will ever know, my family/friends that go great lengths (and miles) just to see us, the crazy dogs that make me smile/laugh every day, & the addition of these new red suede ankle boots & plaid shirt ;)  Wishing all of you a safe & happy Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Flannel, Boots, & Bag (F21)/ Denim (BDG, U.O.)/
Sunnies (Gifted)/ Jewelry (Charlotte Russe, F21, Vintage)

Thanks for Reading :)


  1. Love all the read stuff in this look! It's just so perfectly put together! :)

    The Niknok Stylel


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