Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Friday: A Few Weekends in Review

We're road trippin' it to Iowa again this morning for the weekend, meaning this 9.5 hour drive better feel like nothing today.  I've had a surplus of photos to post lately (funny how that happens when there's more to do outdoors), so these are from the past two weekends....enjoy :)

Obsessed with Extreme Pita's pitas + smoothies
New accessories from H&M, just in time for the heat wave...
Morning lattes & walks through the park
Wrigley enjoying a morning swim
The perfect mail day: J.Crew rewards + an old friend's wedding invitation
Sushi lunch date with the manpanion
These Supergoop sunscreen swipes are amazing, perfect for unexpected time spent in the pool...
A sunny afternoon spent in a friend's pool over the long weekend...

Happy Weekend!

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