Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo Friday: On Bottling Wine...

Last Saturday,  a friend let me tag along to "The Wine Cellar" to bottle some wine.  She had three different blends, a white & two reds.  It was so much fun filling, corking, sealing, & labeling all 90 bottles that it didn't even feel like work (the samples & snacks didn't hurt either).  If you're ever bored on a snowy Saturday, this is your place to go...

All the bottles, sanitized, rinsed, & ready to be filled.
The filling station (two bottles at once).
Taste-testing & snacking
The corking process
Seal color picked & ready to be melted on...
All packed up & ready to go home.
Our taste-testing glasses...oops ;)
A Paris-themed outfit that went too well with a day all about wine (Sweatshirt: F21)

Happy Weekend :)

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