Friday, November 7, 2014

Photo Friday: Bye Bye October

Ahhh, the weekend is here at last! I couldn't let go of Halloween too easily, which means you get a few more photos from my favorite holiday (I swear this is it until the next holiday rolls around).  It's been a hectic week- a sick dog, winter prep around the house (bye bye Halloween decor), & trying to finish up Christmas shopping.  Not to worry, we have an exciting weekend coming up...stay tuned ;)

Tim Horton's does the best holiday-themed donuts around...
A mix of American & Canadian candy, perfect for our house
Wrigley waiting for trick-or-treaters
My Dracula-shaped pizza I made for dinner, enjoyed with jack-o-lantern beers
A Halloween arch that was gifted by my parents
Bone-shaped bread sticks to accompany aforementioned Dracula pizza

Happy Weekend!

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