Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo Friday: Wrapping Up November in Iowa

There is nothing like being back in my home state, especially when we get to stay for a week at a time.  We were exceptionally busy with family, being Thanksgiving weekend & all.  Here's a photo over-load from our time there...

Finished wrapping presents once we arrived Tuesday afternoon...
Nothing like free shipping to my parents house....right?
392 for coffee with one of my favorites
Try their vanilla latte, you won't be disappointed...
My brother lost a bet & owed us a keg...
....which was perfect for sharing with friends the night before Thanksgiving.
The aftermath of 'Slap Cup'
I lugged home all my fall decor for Thanksgiving day...
I LOVE pumpkin pie...
We headed out to tailgate at the Iowa vs. Nebraska game on Friday
Tailgating essentials...
Watched the game at Wig & Pen, 5 pitchers later & an Iowa loss
Double date night last Saturday night in Moline, IL
The River House was new to us, but provided a great atmosphere
Italian nachos for the table
Added a new foam finger (duck foot?) to my collection at the QC Mallards hockey game...
Pucks for the puck toss
Spent last Sunday sampling homemade booze at family Thanksgiving
The dessert table was all too tempting...
Crossed off a visit to Culver's on my list

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  1. Great pictures! I love the wrapped presents....the paper is so cute!

    1. Thank you so much for always taking time to leave a sweet comment- it makes my day! The paper is from Target, but beware- it leaves glitter everywhere!



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