Friday, October 30, 2015

Photo Friday: All Hallow's Eve...

Happy Hallow's Eve! It's been a rough start to the day for this soon-to-be-mama (I'm blaming you, two hour glucose tolerance test), thus the tardiness of this post.  It's Halloween everything around our house this weekend, how about all of you?

HomeSense finds (even for the pups)
Pumpkin Spice cinnabons & pumpkin flavored coffee is the best way to kick-off Halloween week
It's been horror movies every night this week, much to the hubster's dismay ;)
I've had these light up pumpkins for years, one of my favorite Target buys...
An evening of tea, scary movies, & freshly manicured black finger nails...
A pair of lace cat ears that I just wore today (F21)
I could not resist the beaker candle (from Michael's)
Dining room table centerpiece :)

Happy Halloween Weekend!


  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love all of the decorations! Halloween is definitely a lot of fun :)

    1. It's my favorite holiday, such a fun time :)



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