Friday, August 19, 2016

Photo Friday: Iowa in June

Photos from our road trip back to Iowa in June.  We went specifically to watch one of favorites wed the love of her life & I'm so happy I got to witness it.  Most of my friends from high schools were there with their husbands, new babies, or babies on the way…it literally brought tears to my eyes to have us all together, even though life has dispersed us all over the country (and out of it for a few of us).  Anyway, big plans this weekend…I'm updating my sale section on ebay with A TON of designer goodies...

Panera on the go, especially when the ladies are confined to the back seat...
New goodies (Free People, F21)
My great aunt Joanne made the cake, so happy I was able to taste it again :)
Small pizzeria that has the best taco pizza (Zoey & the Mr.'s first time there)
Above mentioned taco pizza :)
New mat for the patio door, made out of recycled flip-flops
New shoes from Lulu's

Happy Weekend!

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