Friday, July 30, 2010

Inspiration Is Foundation

So where exactly does my inspiration stem from? A better question would be 'Where doesn't it?!' I am constantly inspired by magazines, street style, television, store displays, the internet, etc. With so many resources out there, fashion possibilities have become endless!

I have found keeping track of inspiring ideas generates a database of outfit/styling ideas. For instance, I do not leave home without my fashion notebook. This way, whenever I am inspired, I jot down what inspired me & try to relate it to what I have in my closet at home. I also use an inspiration folder that was suggested to my by a former teacher :) The folder consists mostly of magazine tear-outs that serve the same purpose as my notebook. I hope to one day turn the folder into a wall display ;) What inspires you and how do you keep track of those inspirations?

Here are some photos of what I wore today...

                      Blazer: J.Crew     Shorts: H&M      Watch: Urban
                      Tee: J.Crew  Shoes: Steve Madden  Pearls: H&M
             Peace Necklace: DIY

xoxo Kelli

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