Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY: Tie-Dye Denim

You must have seen a dozen or so of these tutorials all over the web by now, but the best one (in my opinion of course) can be found here.  Here is the process I used, outlined in 5 simple steps below.  I am really looking forward to trying this on a pair of red denim (like Isabel Marant) or maybe even a dark purple pair (like Rag and Bone)...

1. You will need:  Bleach, gloves, rubber bands, a pair of denim (mine are F21), & an empty bucket.
2. Wet denim with water & ring out. Then, use as many or as few rubber bands as you want, as they create the dark spots/circles that will be present. Less bands = the more bleached your jeans will be.
3. Submerge denim in the bucket of water/bleach solution.  I used about 3 cups of bleach & added water as needed.
4.  Unless you want to turn the denim every so often, use something heavier to keep the jeans submersed (empty wine bottle works wonderfully) & let sit for several hours.  I let mine sit for 3 hours total.
4.  Once denim is as light as you would like, put some gloves on, rinse the denim with cold water, & toss directly into the washing machine (I left the rubber bands on).  Once washed, remove rubber bands & let air dry.
5. And there you have it, your very own pair of tie-dyed denim ;)

Now, go TRY IT :)
P.S. Happy Easter to those who celebrate!


  1. wow looks great i really want to try this with a jacket!

  2. ooo a jacket would be awesome, let me know how it turns out ;)



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