Sunday, April 22, 2012

Le Tour

Thought you may like a tiny tour of my newly organized closet (aka: my little slice of heaven).  Still have a few finishing touches to add (mini chandelier? yes please!), but you get the point...


Hung this little frame on the outside of the door ;)
Stacked sweaters/sweatshirts along the top row & hung shorter garments by color, while a hanging unit holds T's & Tanks
Jeans are stacked on the bottom row & longer items are hung by color, while shoes are stacked & hung on a lower rack
View from doorway: Bag storage above window & stool for reaching
Shoes/clutches worn most often are easily accessible from doorway
Shoe holder on the back of the door frees up floor space

Happy Sunday :)


  1. Thanks girl :) I am so happy to finally have my first walk-in closet ;)


  2. Very jealous, looks like good stuff!

    Hattie Jane


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