Friday, April 13, 2012

Photo Friday

One busy, crazy week I've had.  This weekend should be similar, with a company dinner this evening, two parties tomorrow, & relax/recover time on Sunday ;)  Here are just a few photos from Easter & my week...

Casual & colorful for Easter dinner (J.Crew cashmere tee & Lanvin x H&M bag)
A few small new arrivals...
Ezra out in the wind, enjoying the sun
Chocolate Easter eggs in a vintage candy dish (I ate all the pink ones, go figure)
Wrigley's Easter present
New from Samudra & Etsy
Sneak peak of an upcoming post (H&M skirt, New Look anorak)

Happy Weekend :)


  1. Cute banana prints on your skirt. Gotta see that look in full.

  2. so wonderful photos! love your brancelet:)
    please visit me in free time:)

  3. Really glad you guys liked the post, Photo Friday's are my favorites ;)


  4. I really love that bracelet you're wearing that's the furthest up your arm. Where did you get it!?


  5. Hey Brittany,

    The green leather one is from J.Crew. It's on sale, but only in black, here's the link :)


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