Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Friday: Fall Prep x 2

It's long-weekend time up here, all dedicated to Canadian Thanksgiving.  We're having dinner tomorrow at our place & I have about a million things to get done by then, but I'm thrilled to host.  Here are a few more fall-inspired photos that only seemed appropriate for today...

Fall flavored beers, perfect for chilly evenings by the fire
Metallic cinnamon heels from J.Crew, perfect for Thanksgiving
This pumpkin souffle candle from Anthropologie is the perfect scent
Fall-frosted thumb print cookies from a bakery in my home town
A Bears sweatshirt found on F21
Eating soup every chance I get...
J.Crew statement earrings that I'll be wearing to Thanksgiving tomorrow
Fallen leaves in all different colors...

Happy Weekend :)

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