Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY Popcorn Sweatshirt

Happy NYE! I thought I'd do a fun little DIY on this sweatshirt I spotted on Forever 21 in the girls section a few months ago.  After I fell hard for the quirky design, I was disappointed the sizing wouldn't work for me (I prefer a little bulk to my sweatshirt wearing).  It was right then that I had a 'light bulb' moment: buy the sweatshirt, cut out the design, & adhere it to a plain black sweatshirt...

Step 1: Cut out sequin portion from kids sweatshirt, position on sweatshirt, glue down with liquid stitch, & allow to dry.
Step 2: Make yourself a pizza while you wait for the glue to dry (mine is Mediterranean from scratch).
Step 3: Watch 'Elf' while adding some stitches around the sequins just in case the glue doesn't hold.
Step 4: Admire the finished product & wear immediately, of course ;)

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