Friday, December 6, 2013

Photo Friday: Less Than 48 Hours

The past two weeks feel like they didn't even happen.  We drove to Iowa on two Tuesday mornings ago & left unexpectedly that Thursday (Thanksgiving) morning due to a family emergency back in Canada.  It truly is a miracle that everything worked out & it's times like these that make you question your priorities and take a good, hard look at what matters...

Sorting through Christmas presents & new arrivals...
A wintery view of the Mississippi from lunch with my parents
Had a few drinks on a Wednesday night...
Last minute Thanksgiving decor
A new, bejeweled sweater (J.Crew) & heels (F21) with my DIY bows
View from my parents backyard
Waiting room essentials
Brought a little Iowa with us to Canada
Sneak peek of an upcoming post

Happy Weekend :)

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