Friday, July 29, 2016

Photo Friday: The Midwest is Best

How fitting, considering Miss Zo & I made the trek all by ourselves to Iowa yesterday.  These photos aren't quite as recent, dating all the way back to May, but I'm sharing any way.  I'm taking full advantage of my time on Mat leave by heading back here as much as possible...

Keeping it local, goodies from The Gypsy's Wanderlust & a latte from 392
The beginning of my newest little pink bag's journey started at Mickey's Pub in Iowa City (Bag: F21).
This light future really caught my eye...
Celebrating this rock & the girl wearing it ;)
Candied bacon atop bone marrow…not for me, but some of our party loved it!

The little pink bag rides in the stroller...
Pullman Bar is decorated to look like the inside of a train car...
First time at Pullman 
Coffee & a soak in my parent's jetted bath tub (Lush bath bomb) 
Grandma's kitchen for breakfast on the road
My sister-in-law/best friend graduated from nursing school & we were lucky enough to be there :)
Celebrating with a round of drinks & apps at Red's
The little pink bag at Red's

Happy Weekend :)

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