Friday, July 15, 2016

Photo Friday: Guess Who's Back?

I've been doing a TON of thinking lately, mostly deciding whether or not to keep this blog of mine running.  I've been on 'vacay' from creativity lately & to be honest, it's tough to get out of loungewear when you get spit up on or drooled upon all day long (aka there is nothing fashionable about my outfits lately). Motherhood is bliss…Zoey is the best baby & she's really coming into her own.  She's 5 months old now (!) & she loves grabbing my face & giggling…I melt, every time. In between the drool/spit-up/diaper changes, I really miss blogging & my creative outlet.  I miss everything about it & I'm happy to announce that I AM BACK :)  So forgive me, but you will be playing catch-up with me for the next month or so.  In the spirit of my comeback, let's start with the month of April, shall we?

Zoey's first package from her friend Chloe :)
Cinnabon cinnamon rolls delivered from my parents :)
Pairing brights with even brighter accessories (Sunnies: AE, Sweater: Zara, Earrings: J.Crew)
The Easter Bunny spoiled us this year...
Trying to catch up on all the beers I missed out on while prego 
Chanel meets Chanel ;)
Cheeseburger Sunday's, a few weeks in a row at The Moose
Couldn't resist the colors of this neck scarf (Zara)

Happy Weekend :)

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