Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Farewell, Fall (Part 1)

The last few months I've missed, all from my favorite season.  The very best months, as far as I'm concerned ;)  We took full advantage of Fall this year, fitting in as many activities as possible & enjoying as much pumpkin spice as possible.  There's a good reason for my absence, working on a post all about it soon.  Until then, I thought it was about time I got back at it again...

Took Zoey for her first official trip to Starbucks (aka we went inside) & had pumpkin treats!
Fall color schemed (all Forever 21)
I went through so many candles being home all day this year (Anthropologie, Kohl's)
Fall headwear (both F21)
Got Zoey in on Fall attire too (via Little Nugget Knits)
The Mr. took the day off to attend the opening ceremonies for Oktoberfest
Couldn't get over the colors in this plaid (F21)
Jumped on the choker bandwagon (F21)
The best news ever, on the week of Canadian Thanksgiving…such a special moment

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