Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Best Kind of Weekends...

The best kind of weekends involve little outings with the family & most importantly, football.  Every Sunday is a race to finish all the days tasks before 1pm, just so we can sit down & relax as a family.  This hasn't been the best season for our beloved Bears, but Zoey has really enjoyed watching her parents yell at the the Tv...

Cambridge Farmer's Market is the perfect size to stroll through...
Lazy long weekends were made for patio time...
A well-stocked fridge somehow makes it better when your team is losing...
Zoey's Saturday gear, supporting the Iowa Hawkeyes
Milkshakes from The Moose
My Sunday best (Hat: Target, Cardigan: Von Maur)
The manpanion's anniversary present :)
Proline, drinks, & a cozy atmosphere at the Bears Bar
Little somethings I picked up for Zoey (Leg Warmers: Hobby Lobby, Soothers: Target)

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