Friday, July 14, 2017

Photo Friday: May 2017 (Part 1)

Recapping the first portion of May leading up to Sadie's arrival.  May was a really special month- my due date month, we had everything ready for baby's arrival, the weather was warming up, my family was coming for a visit, I celebrated my second mother's day, & we made the extra effort to spend time with Zoey or go on mini dates for a few hours…it was perfect.

Mementos from our Jays game date (Teddy for Zoey, sweatshirt for mama)
Mother's Day gifts…so spoiled & so blessed! 
This combo, while still prego (chubby toes gives it away). Sandals are F21
Mother's day flowers :)
These rings are so special (via etsy)
Coffee on the deck on my first official day of mat leave (Mug: F21)
The perfect floral maxi dress (F21)
Adding to my collection of pretty cocktail rings (Free People)
Blush pink everything for Sadie's arrival (candle: Chapter's Indigo)
Summer slides (F21)

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