Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sadie's Here!

I was induced with Zoey, so I really had no clue what going into labor actually meant...until this time! I was up all throughout the night with what I knew were contractions, at least according to my pregnancy app. The Mr. stayed home from work & we took Zoey to her last day of daycare. We took the dogs for a long walk, called the OB ward at the hospital to tell them I was coming for an assessment as the contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart. We showered & went for lunch, I knew they wouldn't let me eat real food if I was admitted (it was the most uncomfortable lunch ever). I was admitted after a brief assessment & the rest is better left for photos...

Always coordinated ;)
The last bump picture of Sadie on the inside
Hospital bag with all the essentials (Sandals: F21, Snacks & Bag: Target, Bow: Etsy)
Our beauty, only hours old
Dad & Big Sister brought me Timmy's
Waiting to be discharged (Robe: Winners, leggings: old navy)
Ready to go home (blanket: etsy)

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