Monday, October 30, 2017

The Eve of All Hallows Eve

So if you've been following this blog since it's origin, you're well aware of how much I LOVE Halloween.  More accurately, I love everything about Fall & Halloween is just an added bonus of my favorite season.  This year is even more special, since it's Sadie's first Halloween & Zoey is obviously much more aware of it this time as well.  Here are a few photos to help get you psyched for tomorrow...

I've always avoided decorating with faux cob webs, but this year they just 'spoke' to me ;)
Sadie's Halloween goodies (All from Target)
Zoey's Halloween goodies (Leggings & Book: Target, Tee: Old Navy, Bucket & Slippers: Walmart)
Spooky Dining room centerpiece (Homesense candelabra) 
Spooky Kitchen Island decor (Target, Homesense, Walmart)
Cat Ear Veil (F21)...see it styled in tomorrow's post ;)
A few Halloween goodies for moi (Leggings & Wine: Walmart)
Sunday afternoon pumpkin carving (we got 3 pumpkins this year)
The girls get a new book every holiday (via Target)
Finished pumpkins (Zoey chose my design this year & the hubs did an amazing job on his)
Hey Halloween, we're ready for ya!

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