Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Actress & Activist

Meet Britni. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she studied theater in Chicago, Illinois & now acts for a living. Introduced by a former roommate, I was overcome by her beauty upon meeting her (she is an actress after all).  Unlike any other actress/actor I have ever met, Britni is selfless. She has an inner warmth & kindness that immediately presents itself once she starts talking.  The Kicker: When she isn't onstage performing, she's out making the world a better place.  Britni is the president & Founder of Global Empathy Now, a non-profit charitable organization giving aid with empowerment to various projects all over the world.  She recently made the trek to Africa (funding a majority of the trip herself) to deliver supplies to children.  Ever since, with the help of generous donations, her cause is responsible for feeding 145 underprivileged Tanzanian children at school for over a year now.

But she isn't stopping there....she has offered to help with disaster relief in Japan as well! Her proposal? Every dollar that is donated to Global Empathy (benefiting the children's food program in Tanzania), will be personally matched by Britni toward relief for Japan until she matches $1,000 (Update: She has already reached her limit, but your support is still appreciated). Not only will you be supporting the lives of over 100 children in Africa, but you are also encouraging her to donate more toward the critically urgent relief for Japan.  To donate & read more about Britni, visit her blog here.  A Big thanks to Britni for being Britni & for serving as a constant reminder that it only takes one person to make a difference.

*All photos from Britni's blog & website britnitozzi.com*

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