Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's New Wednesday

When I originally started this blog, I reserved Wednesday's for inspirational images.  I used it as a virtual inspirational board of sorts, what was inspiring me, color & print combinations, or outfits I would LOVE to wear.  As time wore on & my time for finding such images decreased, I kinda just chose what to post whenever I had time.  I'd like to get back to a routine of sorts, so I think I'll start sharing 'what's new' with me.  I'll share new arrivals, new activities, & anything new in our life.  It might not always be fashion-related, but my life isn't as fashionable as it once was. I'm kicking off this new weekly post with everything that's new in my closet (even though you've seen all of it by now haha)...

This blouse (See it next for Easter) via Vici
I love this description, sisters :)
Free People Kai Henley & matching earrings (Free People)
Suede ankle boots (F21) that have been worn so much lately...
The sleeves on this sweater, pure perfection! (JOA via Shopbop)
Sparkly Earrings in the perfect shades for Spring (F21)
Lace Tunic (Target) & Sparkly Earrings (F21) for my sister-in-law's baby shower
Jeans so good, you buy them twice (Mossimo via Target)
LED Light Box (F21)

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  1. That beautiful Vici floral embroidered mesh peplum crop-top in the first photo is sooo pretty! I visited the Vici site. I like their 'Innocence Is Bliss Blouse' too. I also love the colour of the Free People Kai Henly, the lace tunic from Target and the sparkly Forever 21 earrings. You've added some lovely outfit pieces to your closet!


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