Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eye Spy...

Fashion is always evolving and attempting to stay on top of it can become exhausting & leave your wallet begging to remain zipped shut!  For me, fashion is a lifestyle, a passion, and an opportunity to express myself.  The problem is, too many people fall trap to the trends and become overwhelmed by them.  Trends are opportunities to update your wardrobe, not replace it entirely.  This is where accessories really shine through and allow their wearer to live in the 'now' without being filled with regret two months later over a why-in-the-heck-did-I-buy-that purchase they will never wear again.  Although it is still technically summer, Fall 2010 trends have already begun to forge their way into our closets, magazines, & wish lists.  I have dedicated this post to 5 new trends & how I have incorporated them into my own wardrobe without breaking the bank.  The first photo(s) in each category are my own items, while the remaining photo(s) are the trends.

1. The 50's

Lipstick Neckalce: Vintage Kenneth Jay Lane (Ebay)
Alberto Guariani Lipstick Heels

2. The 70's

Chiffon Blouse: Zara
Chloe Fall 2010 (elle.com)

3. Leopard Print/Animal Accessories

Animal Inspired Heels: Primark (ebay)
Leopard Bracelet: Vintage find from my mom
Christian Louboutin (elle.com)
Cartier bracelet (elle.com)

4.Grunge Glamour

Cut-up Tee: F21
Balmain Spring 2010 Collection (elle.com)

5. Vintage Jewelry

My own collection (R-L): BR, Anthro, J.Crew, Forever21

Kate Spade Ring (bloomingdales.com)
Kate Spade Brooch Bracelet (bloomingdales.com)

Hope this helps introduce new trends into your wardrobes, Happy Accessorizing :)


  1. I like the Christian Louboutin's shoes ;)

  2. Aren't they amazing?! Wish I had those instead...:)


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