Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Hour

Friday has FINALLY arrived & I cannot wait for the weekend :)  I'm rapidly trying to wear all of my summer clothes before my favorite time of year arrives!  Last night, we had a few friends over for dinner & drinks, so I wore a fairly laid back outfit.  Whoever said 'too much of a good thing is wonderful (Mae West),' obviously never drank white wine ;)  Needless to say, my outfit is very simple today & consists of my D.I.Y. sleeveless oxford shirt, dark shorts, an orange Popsicle hued cardigan, some fun jewelry and an animal accent headband to keep my tailored outfit from feeling stuffy. Plans for the weekend? I'm not entirely sure, but I think a trip to Zara & Panera are in order....  
Cardigan & Shorts: F21, necklace: Aldo, tank: Old Navy
The culprit

D.I.Y. white oxford shirt
Sweater: J.crew, shoes: UO, Shorts, headband, & belt: F21
Watch: UO, Panther cuff: vintage, Gold ball bracelet: H&M
Feather double ring: F21

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, stay tuned for tomorrow's post-it's going to be a BIGGIE :)

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